Free Prescription Collection Service
To make your life easy, we collect prescriptions from Edzell Health Centre, Brechin Medical Practice and Laurencekirk Healthcare Centre. The prescriptions are then dispensed ready for you to collect at the pharmacy or you can take advantage of our free delivery service. Collection from other practices can be arranged, please call for more details.


Free Prescription Delivery Service
Get your prescriptions delivered to your door FREE OF CHARGE! This service is available to all our customers, give us a call and arrange it today!


Minor Ailments Service
We offer the Minor Ailments Service whereby eligible patient’s can have a consultation with our pharmacist and be prescribed treatment for common minor ailments without having to visit their GP practice. There are many conditions that can be treated by the Minor Ailment Service including athletes foot, indigestion, infant colic, conjunctivitis and thrush among others. For more information please ask a member of staff.


Pharmacy First
The Pharmacy First Scheme enables us to provide treatment for two conditions that previously would have required a trip to the GP practice.

Urinary Tract Infection: We can now provide treatment to females aged 16-65 with uncomplicated urinary tract infections. If you think you may have a urinary tract infection the pharmacy can be your first port of call for a consultation with our pharmacist, they can then provide treatment or if necessary refer you to the GP practice.

Impetigo: We can also provide treatment for Impetigo to adults and children over 2 years. Impetigo normally presents as a crusty rash around the mouth or nose, it can be highly contagious but is effectively treated with antibiotic cream. If you think you or your child may have impetigo our pharmacist can assess the symptoms and if required provide treatment without the need for a GP appointment.


Smoking Cessation Service
We can help you to stop smoking! Come in for a consultation and receive expert advice on how to quit. We can prescribe a range of nicotine replacement products as well as Champix to make quiting easier.


Emergency Hormonal Contraception
Our pharmacists can prescribe emergency hormonal contraception (the morning after pill) without the need to see a doctor.


Flu Vaccination Service
In flu season (October until February), we offer a comprehensive flu vaccination service. This service costs £12 for private patients and is free of charge for NHS Tayside employees.